Complete Website - $199​

We specialize in building websites for small businesses with small budgets.

 For the price of $199 we can build a standard website with up to 5 pages that have all necessary business information such as images, business description, hours of operation, address with Google maps and contact form.

We understand that most people are not familiar with internet technology and computer terms, and we are ready to guide every customer through the process, providing help and consultation with each step from having a website name to sharing secrets of best practices in online presence. All our websites are working on mobile phones and small tablets.

From that point we can keep adding features and complexity depending on your needs. 

Below are some standard features that can be added to any website, 

all are very custom tailored, the result depends on your specific needs and budget:

– Various contact form
– Calendar of events
– Online booking or reservation system system
– Accepting online payments for purchases or collecting online donations
– Running multiple promotions, coupons or gift cards 
– Online application forms
– Online shop including set up of shipping and taxes categories
– Blog
– Storing and analyzing information entered from the site
– Professional email registration
– Link your website to Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts
– We can help to make your websites easily found in Google and Bing
– We can send email marketing campaigns for your business

Feel free to call or email us to discuss your business needs.

Phone: 1-813-714-7657


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